3. The Teacher:  

Teaching clients about risk, return, tax consequences, and diversification for over a decade.




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4. The Architect:  

Once these lessons are understood, the analyst becomes an architect, building a long term wealth management strategy that matches each person’s risk tolerance and lifetime goals.

6. The Guardian: 

At Gates Financial, we are always looking for ways to save our clients’ money, control risk, protect assets, and look for ways to provide our clients with a lifetime stream of income.   

1.The Expert - Tax and Financial Analysis:  

At Gates Financial, we design unique financial and retirement planning strategies for each client based on their assets, income, expenses, tax situation, goals, and objectives. 

5. The Coach:  

Even when the strategy is in place, doubts and fears inevitably arise.  At this point, the advisor becomes a coach, reinforcing principles and keeping the client on track.

The Six Roles of a Financial Analyst   

2. The Independent Voice: 

At Gates Financial, we act independently using many of the best firms in the nation.  We select the best companies to work with for each client based on specific client needs and goals.